We've done it, but we're not done yet!

The whole team and Tuptims parents, Nai and Nit are ecstatic that the total amount for the liver transplant are been reached.

For those of you that have been following us on Facebook or our website then you will undoubtedly know that Dana White, President of the UFC has offered to pay for Tuptims surgery.

It seems unbelievable that only a week ago we launched the Save Tuptim campaign and the costs of the surgery are covered already.

However, we will be continuing with our fund raising to enable Tuptims parents to pay for the medication needed after surgery. This will cost around $1,000 a month for ten years, $120,000.

As Dana has paid for the surgery, all funds raised by the Tuptimteers will be transferred into the medication fund, totalling $14,047. 

Please continue to tell people about us and support the cause in any way you can, look what can be achieved in a week!

Cathal Farrell  


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