Saturday 18th December began with an amazing heartwarming donation. A generous man who prefers to remain anonymous caught onto our cause. Sadly his brother had passed away 2 years ago and he had left him some money, this money he held onto to use for the right cause at the right time, something his brother would be proud of. When he heard of TupTims battle, knowing his brother had trained with TupTims father Nai, he wired 115 000 baht directly to the family. I hope he realises how much he has touched us all and how much he has helped Nai and Nit who can now afford to pay their current hospital bills for baby TupTim. Its reassuring to know people like him are out there. 

Saturday 18th Dec Night - TO PATONG! So we havent got our Save TupTim shirts yet, so we wore matching Tiger Muay Thai shirts and Christmas hats and we were off to get the best out of people in patong. We learnt quick and fast 2 things. 1. People in patong are very drunk and "dying baby" isnt as appealing as "ping pong show" 2. thai people, bar girls, 7-11 staff, basically any thai local was lending a hand, it was amazing!

Sunday 19th December - It was an overcast day but warm and dry so the Tuptimteers got their beach gear on and headed down to Ni Harn to see what interest we could drum up for the Save Tuptim cause.  

The Team walked up and down the length of the beach handing out information leaflets highlighting our plight, upcoming events and directing people to the web site to follow us and make donations.  People were very attentive even though there were obvious language barriers.  

Wake, shower and we are off to start our day! First stop Tiger Muay Thai to hand out tickets for sale at our upcoming fundraiser event, then to Phuket Fight store to pick up Muay Thai gear donated to the cause, and next to Sinbi Muay Thai to meet Muay Thai legend Saenchai Sor Kingstar! Lynne and Sing from Sinbi Muay Thai heard about TupTims struggle and contacted me to help. After a generous donation and having Saenchai Sor Kingstar sign gloves and shorts for auction we said our thanks and were off to print flyers ready for our big night hitting the streets selling tickets, collecting donations and raising awareness.

Leave Patong on to Rawai! Freedom Bar and Laguna made us feel very welcome. Managers of both bars jumped to help us, shut the music off and let us take over their bar for a few minutes to tell TupTims story and collect donations. Thanks guys!!

Many people had already heard of the Save Tuptim appeal and were attending some of the events organised over the coming  week.  Others were very supportive with smiles and encouraging remarks.

Thank you everyone!  

Look out for the Tuptimteers at local beaches over the following days and weeks.  If you see us please give us your support, every little helps!


Photographs by Aurore Lauzeral 


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