Many thanks to all the Tuptimteers for helping save Tup Tims life

Grainne "Wonder Woman" Farrell

Zena "Warrior Princess" Ellaz

Cathal "Blue Steel" Farrell

Aurore "Team" Lauzeral - Fighter

Jimmy "Coo" Arvine - Fighter

"Amazing" Anna Galbraith

Danny "D-Bauchery Baci

Robin "Tornado" Merrill

Will "Minimac" Elliot

Don "Jungle Boy" Madge - Fighter

Chanelle "no 1" Santana 

Bernadette Madge a.k.a THE DON

"Magical" Ray Elbe

I figured it would be safe to put our super hero names on this site because anyone visiting it is pure of heart and would not reveal our secret identities!




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