Tuptims surgery success...

Baby Tuptim and her mother, Nit, both went into surgery yesterday day time. The procedure was long and complicated involving removing part of Nit's liver to give Tuptim.  Nai, Tuptim's father spent many nervous hours waiting outside the operating rooms, getting regular updates on both his wife & daughters progress. I am pleased to say that the surgery went very well and both Tuptim and Nit are making good recoveries.

I would like to thank everyone for their generous donations and kind messages sent to Tuptim, her family and the Save Tuptim Team.  The cost of baby Tuptims surgery has been covered and we continue to raise funds for her on-going treatments and medication.

We will continue to update the website with Tuptims progress and any events that we will be running to help support Tuptim and other worthwhile causes.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to Tuptim and her family and we wish Tuptim and Nit a speedy recovery. 

Post by: Cathal Farrell 

Tuptim is a 7 month old baby girl born and raised in Phuket Thailand. The average adult Thai earns 6 to 8000 baht per month which is approx ($250). Tup Tim’s father Nai works at Tiger Muay Thai, the largest Muay Thai gym in Thailand for foreigners, so luckily Tup Tim has had exposure to foreign help by generous tourists who have heard her story.

Sadly earlier this year Nai. a much loved icon in the community lost his mother during an operation. He now faces losing his baby girl.

Unfortunately over Asia young children with terminal illnesses are not so lucky and if their families cannot afford medical bills, children do not receive medical help leaving their families helpless. Although horrific, without treatment for terminal illnesses, parents have no choice but to watch their bundle of joy die. Tup Tim’s family is facing this heartbreaking ultimatum now. They have 4 weeks to come up with 1.5 million baht ($50 000) or they will watch their baby girls life fade away. We are calling on all the help we can get to save this young girls life.

Tuptim needs parental donor liver transplant surgery which means operating on both mother and child, removing a piece of the mothers liver and transplanting it into the baby’s body to grow into a fully functional liver. Tub Tim will need continued medication post op so we need everyone to get onboard as her life is now in our hands. 

Muay Thai Legend Saenchai Sor Kingstar lends a hand by signing shorts and gloves for auction 

Me with Legend Saenchai Sor Kingstar

Please follow the link above to donate money. If you are in Phuket please come to our fundraiser event as details on the Events page of the website. We only have 3 weeks so we are accepting donations from anyone willing. Also if you have any fundraising ideas or want to help in any way you can contact us at

Zena Ellaz: Tel +66 (0) 825 345 500
Cathal Farrell -  Tel +66 (0) 845 092 389
Khun Petch -  Tel +66 (0) 869 410 286 (Thai/Eng)

Aurore Lauzeral - Tel +66 (0) 825 345 566 (French/Portugese/Spanish)




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