I had to blog today, i am feeling so full of love and inspiration and i wanted to share it with the world!
Firstly can i just say, this world is full of amazing people, i think alot of us forgot this, and it seems TupTim has reminded us. It amazes me how this all started and how many people have decided to help and this stems largely from Nai (TupTims father) and what an amazing person he is.
When i met Grainne Farrell 4 months ago, this was a battle she was fighting on her own, i dont think enough people know that. Grainne is Lotus Medical International, she has used her own funds and her own time and her connections with hospitals here to find and help fund treatment for this baby. I have seen her miss parties to fly to Bangkok out of her own pocket to go to hospital appointments with the family.
Grainne had a good man who was keen to help and i know he still wants to but unfortunately he went through his own difficulties and could no longer assist. When Grainne called me and told me that she had to get 1.5 million baht in 4 weeks or this baby that she had promised life to would die, i could hear the panick in her voice.
The first thing i knew had to happen was a website, i found yolasite annd here it is! Grainne called a meeting of friends, a community of people who care for eachother turned up to help her.
The team consists of Grainnes brother Cahill Farrell, Fighters, Jimmy Alvine, Aurore Lauzeral, Don Madge, Will Elliot from Tiger, Robin Merrill, Dani Baci, Anna and myself.
From the website to the facbook page, support from Jaqueline Archer in Australia, local businesses helping out like Phuket Fight Store, Sinbi Muay Thai, pma Screenprint, Yoonique Bar, D-Bauchery Films, the thai locals have jumped on the cause giving what little money they can.
Grainne and I have had emails from all over the world, just normal people who havent got the monetary help we need but were wiling and keen to lend us their skills to help raise the money.
Everyday we the team have been touched by the amazing people who have contacted us, the help has been phenomenal and the donations are from all over the world!
I really hope what we have achieved in 4 short days will inspire people all over the world to stand up and try for what you believe in. The one thing that has made our team so amazing is not one member EVER voiced any doubt that we would raise the money. This whole experience has reminded me that there is kindness everywhere around us, we just need to do what we can to help others and sometimes a small deed for you, is the world to someone else.
I just had to let all these feelings out and if anyone has anything to say please do so we would love to hear your stories and how TupTim has inspired you. We continue to raise funds, we arent there yet but TupTim has a large family now that is growing daily and i know the world will come through for her, i have faith in us. Please keep the support coming through, even if you just tell one person a day, that person may hold a key to help this baby. Nothing you do to help is too small, a single grain of rice can tip the scale...